I think my poor lappytop is in its death throes.

A few months back it started overheating so I bought it a little cooling fan which helped immensely. The only time it’d have trouble is if I was stressing it with playing videos, lots of tabs open, Photoshop running, etc. all at once. But today it’s been trying to overheat with just a couple tabs open and nothing else going.

Please don’t die my dear lappytop. I need you! And I don’t have the money to buy a new one of you or fix you at the moment. You’re the only computer in my house! (The tablet doesn’t count as your replacement, it can’t do all the things you do!) So please, please don’t die! You have everything I love in you! I NEED you!!!! Stay with me! Live! LIVE!!!

  1. 102-of-pie said: Oh man, I hope your laptop doesn’t die. I’ll miss you! D,:
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